Lateral Audio Stands LAS-Amp

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A single level audio stand with a high audio performance and a high weight capacity. LAS-Amp typically used for very large and esoteric stereo amplifiers or as a pair with mono amplifiers. A very useful addition to large audio setups.

The LAS-Amp contains many technical features that enable and provide an audio surface with a very low noise floor. Research and audio tests shows amplifiers to be extremely sensitive to vibration and the LAS-Amp enables subtleties and natural renditions to appear.

For standard depth amplifier select LAS-Amp
For deep large amplifiers select LAS-AmpX

Alan Sircom editor of HiFi+ awards the LAS-Amp Editor’s choice 100
Reviewed in Issue 183

Image shows LAS-Amp X Concert silver anodized.

Weight Capacity- 50 kg

For heavier amplifiers please contact your dealer for options.

DCP Concert or Integral platform on non Concert versions.
LAS-Counterpoint on non Concert versions

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