OePhi Immanence 2.5

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Se test av Immanence 2.5 hos där de får utmärkelse “Editor’s Choice” av Jason Kennedy. Länk till test här.

OePhi Immanence 2.5 är topp-modellen i kompaktserien av golvhögtalare. Det är high-end förpackat i ett litet och smidigt format. Enkel att placera i mindre till medelstora rum och enkel att driva. Vad gäller finish så finns det ett antal olika träslag att välja mellan som kan oljas på olika sätt. Hör av dig vad du är intresserad av.

Beställningsvara och leveranstid normalt på 4-6 veckor. Finns för demo och för hemlån.

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OePhi Immanence 2.5

OePhi Acoustics loudspeakers are handmade in Denmark and designed to offer low distortion, large bandwidth and unhindered dynamics combined with perfect phase-transition and time domain performance. They are designed to not impede on the signal and offer conversion of the electrical signal into acoustic output with least possible impact on the signal. More than 25 years of experience has gone into developing and selecting drivers, crossover slopes, components and acoustical and mechanical solutions in order to minimize the loudspeakers’ imprint on the resulting sound. They will let you hear deep into the music while keeping everything ‘right’ and together through impeccable timing and musical insight. In essence they are made to preserve the musical meaning by keeping the message intact without adding distortion nor retracting information.

Compact floor-standing series

OePhi’s compact floor standing loudspeakers are designed to offer true performance of the highest order in discrete and room friendly solutions. They make the highest possible musical performance available to the many real world music enthusiasts whom are otherwise neglected by the current ‘HiEnd’ market. The focus has been on implementing the best performing technologies in the most discrete designs of the highest levels of craftmanship in order to offer the absolute best and honest sounding loudspeakers to real world music enthusiasts and audiophiles. They are true purist designs from the inside and out!

Immanence 2.5
Large wide ribbon tweeter
2 x Purifi woofers
Point to point wired crossovers
Low DCR copper foil and toroidal inductors
DC-biased capacitors
Immanence equivalent internal wiring
Dual chamber dual bass-reflex
Decoupling base system with spikes
ETI pure copper speaker terminals

Bandwidth: 30Hz-40kHz (in room)
Sensitivity: 90dB (in room)
Nominal impedance: 6ohm
Power handling: 500W
Size (H:W:D): 100cm:18.5cm:30cm (incl spikes)
Weight: 20kg

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