SGC 7V Linear Power Supply 25W

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Prisvärt och tyst strömförsörjning för 7V. 5V och 9V kan specialbeställas för liten extra kostnad. Finjusterbart kring vald spänning.

Finns i lager nu. Perfekt match med Sonore ultraRendu eller opticalModule Deluxe.

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Small Green Computer 7V Linear Power Supply 25W

Very low noise Linear Power Supply that is perfect for powering your network players, Ethernet switch or DAC. A great upgrade from your current power supply.

This supply is 25W. This is only enough power for small devices network players, Ethernet switch, DACs, etc.

Output voltage: 5VDC, 7VDC & 9VDC (select when you order)
Output connector: Barrel jack (5.5mm OD x 2.1mm ID)
Output amperage: Use Amps = Watts/Voltage to calculate this (see below)
Toroidal transformer: 25VA
Size: 100*50*150mm (W*H*D)

1 x Linear power supply
1 x 0.75m DC power cable with 5.5mm OD x 2.1mm ID connector
1 x 0.5m US prong to IEC 60320 AC cord
1 x micro USB adapter (5v version only)

Note: The output voltage can be adjusted around the selected voltage.

Note: The max amperage of this supply can be calculated using Amps = Watts/Voltage. Since our Linear Power Supply is 25 Watts, adjusting the Voltage will change the Amps. For example, our Linear Power Supply set at 5v would supply a max of 5 amps (25 watts /5 volts = 5 amps)


Recommended for:

Chord Qutest DAC – Select 5v. All required cables are included.

Manufacturer: Small Green Computer –


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