GigaWatt PowerSync

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GigaWatts instegsmodell av strömkablar.
Bygger på samma design som PoweSync Plus och Ultra (tidigare LC-3 EVO).

I lager i 1.5m och 2m längd.

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GigaWatt PowerSync is the entry model of the new GigaWatt power cords family

The conductors are made from OFHC C10100 copper, with 5N purity, additionally annealed, to get a homogeneous structure and better conductivity. The cable consists of three wires with a 14 AWG cross-section, insulated with PE dielectric. A single wire contains 10 strands with a diameter of 0.514mm.

The conductors are protected with a static shield made of plastic laminated aluminum foil.

The tight construction of the screen, covering 100% of the cable surface, perfectly protects against unwanted external EMI and RFI noise, and prevents the formation and propagation of internal interference. There is an additional drain wire under the screen.
The conductors are covered by an outer insulation of GA 70AT03 material, further surrounded by a nylon mesh braid.
All conductors are connected to the plug terminals mechanically, without soldering, which guarantees reliability and optimal performance.

PowerSync is an essential accessory for the PF-1e, PF-1EVO and PF-2EVO power strips.



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